Step 4 - Lead Generation

(1) Facebook Advertising

Some statistics worth noting:
  • There are 2.4 BILLION monthly active users as of November, 2019 and growing
  • Facebook users are accessing the site or app eight times per day on average
  • Users spend an average of 35 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 39% of users will follow a Facebook page to receive a special offer
That means there are tons of potential leads in this pond with eight opportunities per day to grab each one! And with users on the platform this long, it's more than just idle scrolling. People are engaging socializing and making connections. And a significant number are buying.

Does this sound like a pond worth fishing in?

A Press Release will Provide You 3 Things You Really Want:

  1. More Targeted Traffic (i.e. Warm Leads) to Generate More Sales
  2. More Credibility to Convert More Traffic
  3. More Authority to Outshine Your Competition


More Warm Leads
Getting in The News gives you credibility, social proof and heaps of embedded authority. It also makes you far more visible.
You Control the Conversation
By putting a good Press Release out there and having it distributed to some of the top sites on the web, you get to set the stage.
Boost Your Reputation
Businesses with the best known and best received reputations are the most successful... Make sure yours is one of them.
Get Seen by the Media
Your message will be distributed to 1400+ sites, many authority sites.