Our Strategy

We like to separate parts of our lives into different buckets. We have clothes for this occasion, clothes for that occasion. We have work friends, school friends and church friends. We read fiction and non-fiction books. Even our mainstream approach to healthcare is compartmentalized with specialists focused on specific ailments or body parts - pediatrician, optometrist, and urologist, or ear, nose and throat doctor for instance.

Here at PowerZone Marketing and Consulting, we focus on optimization of the whole package, personal and professional, because it is only when all parts are working in harmony that fullness of life can be achieved.

You Are the MVP

Just like an MVP hitter in baseball. Muscles are tense and fully engaged; eyes keenly focused on the strings of the rotating ball; legs slightly bent while the body is in complete balance on the back foot, then thrusting forward like a race-horse out of its gate; arms fully extended in fluid motion. The bat contacts the ball and it explodes off the bat, quickly achieving maximum speed and distance.

Whack! A home run!

The mind and body working in complete harmony. That is an example of what we call "being in the zone", and more specifically the PowerZone!

We want the same for you and your business and are here to guide you.

So don't continue down the path of failures and frustration through trial-and-error. Learn how to get in the zone with your business AND your life - the PowerZone!

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